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Sump Pump Battery Backup

A sump pump battery backup is used in case the power goes out or the primary submersible sump pump fails. These are really a must have to prevent the terrible little surprise in the middle of the night when the sump pump fails or the electrically goes out, and then you have water in your basement. 

Don does a great job explaining the sump pump installation with Brice doing the actual install.

The sump pump battery backup usually comes with an extra float switch to trip the backup sump pump if the primary submersible sump pump fails. This will protect you from flood even if the power does not actually go out. Your primary sump pump will go out. It is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ it goes out. No sump pump that is in regular use will last forever and this is a fact that many people do not think about until it happens to them.


The battery backup sump pump operates of off DC power and does not need to be as large as the primary sump pump, since it is only for emergency purposes.


Best Sump Pump Battery Backup

sump pump battery backup

Our top choice is the Zoeller 508-0006 Aquanot 508 ProPak53 Preassembled Sump Pump Battery Backup unit. This Zoeller unit comes fully assembled and ready to install in your clear water sump. It will provide 5.5 to 7.5 hours of pumping on a fully charged battery if your power goes out. You will also need a 12V deep cycle marine battery that is not included. Zoeller recommends that you use their battery, but it is not required. This Zoeller sump pump can even send text message and email alerts.

sump pump battery backup

This is the recommended battery for the Zoeller sump pump. Although it is expensive compared to other 12V deep cycle marine battery, this battery works well for years and years.